24alife Team Was Amazed by People Happiness Department

May 18th, 2016

The 24alife team has been to People Happiness Department in Dubai Silicon Oasis on their latest trip. They were amazed by the approach towards residents' happiness. Realizing that people who feel good or are happy are more likely to contribute to the overall greatness of Dubai as a country, they decided to open a special department.

Health and happiness are top values for us as well. Since we are specialized in health and stress management, the DSO welcomed us to present our tools and services that could help increase the happiness of Dubai's population. We always like to show benefits of our solutions on a showcase. So we did it there, too. Together with the DSO employees we have started the 24alife Anti-Stress Health Package.

The Happiness Factors We Can Bring to the Table Are Preventive Health and Stress Management

People Happiness Department is approaching personal happiness from all possible points of view. As preventive health is the core idea that all of our solutions and services are based on, we were discussing how we can provide this aspect to peoples' happiness in Dubai.

On our visit, we explained that our mission is to empower individuals to take small steps that can contribute to their health in every life situation and role. We also pointed out how emphasizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle, equipping everyone with a free solution and rich knowledge, we are bringing the responsibility (and power) for one's health back to their own hands.

Start of the Anti-Stress Health Package in DSO

To present our approach on a showcase, we have offered to start an Anti-Stress Health Package with a group from DSO. They accepted and joined the healthier and happier employees from Europe, India and China. We have made a great impression and the proficiency and user‑friendliness brought us to an interesting discussion about possibilities for our collaboration.

Soon, our team is going back to Dubai with new ideas and challenges that we can approach together with the DSO's People Happiness Department.