Back Pain - Topical Issue of the Contemporary Lifestyle

February 25th, 2016

It's hard to imagine that the estimated share of people who suffer from backache at least once in their life ranges from 70 to 90 percent. So there is a great chance that we as well could be one of them. Maybe you already have experienced issues such as lower back pain, spinal pain, stiff neck or any other backache. Even if you did not, the statistics unfortunately clearly show that even if we have not we probably will later as we age.

Many people don't pay attention unless the backache gets so bad that they have to see the doctor. But we should consider that if we pay attention and think of the back pain causes before it will happen, it might not even happen at all.

How It Happened?

At some point the feeling of the stiffness, acute or chronic pain or tension in the back is felt. But we usually just don't know why and how it happened. Actually, the scientists would agree in a manner that we cannot clearly determine only one cause of the spinal pain or stiff neck or any other pain, originating in our back or backbone. These days there are many factors that can cause back pain, such as:

  • genetic predisposition,
  • obesity,
  • smoking,
  • weight gain during pregnancy,
  • stress,
  • poor posture or sleeping position,
  • lifting or carrying heavy loads …

Well, this might be bad news. But luckily there is always some good news, too. True that we cannot clearly determine where the backache came from, but we still can do a lot to prevent it. One of the common reasons (or at least the final cause) of most back problems is a poor body structure. Meaning that we don't have enough proper muscular support in the core area. And this obviously points out that we should do something about it.

Your Backbone Needs some Exercise

Among all the back problems, only a smaller share of them needs medical treatment, but most can be done by regular and correct performance of proper back exercises. If you doubt about working out when already in pain, you should check out the advice about the exercise for back pain. Lower back exercises are needed by most people and you can find healthy and safe suggestions there. But as the spine is one of the most delicate parts of any mammal skeleton, it is always good to check the backbone with the doctor and see whether there's anything serious going on that would require an operation (which happens in about 5%) or other medical treatment. Especially if the pain appeared suddenly and was caused by an odd move or any kind of accident.

But if we get back to what we can do about the – not yet felt or already existing – backache ourselves, we have to be aware that one of the main estimated reasons for spinal problems is sedentary lifestyle. Its negative effects can be postponed or even avoided by following the tips in brief and to the point well-being advice on that topic, written by the 24alife professional Miloš.

We will surely get back to the back issue soon, because it seems to be a quite common health problem of modern people. But we hope that the unpleasant numbers will soon drop and we will do our best to help it happen by supporting and motivating the 24alife users and any other interested individuals who would like to do something more for their health and vitality.