Healthy Business Breakfast with the 24alife Team

November 21st, 2016

At RC IKTS d.o.o. and Mikropis Holding headquarters, we have started to host special events, named business breakfast. A part of Slovenian team organized a Healthy Breakfast for HR managers and health promoters from Slovenian companies. 24alife Corporate solution was presented as an interactive tool for planning of everyday healthy lifestyle activities in companies, establishment, and management of workplace health promotion programs.

Business Breakfast Focusing on Health

The theme of our business breakfast was a healthy corporate lifestyle, focusing on prevention. We started with an interesting, fun and informative practical representation of the 24alife Corporate testing. The participants were very excited about the body measurements, such as body weight, muscular mass, and fat percentage, as well as blood pressure, and muscular flexibility. We also performed a Rockport test at the local stadium.

Later we had a healthy breakfast prepared by our Nutritionists Damijana and Tatjana. All of the participants tasted 2 different smoothies and a few spreads. They also a nicely prepared basket of fresh fruits and vegetables. We can easily say that there was something tasty for everyone. Many questions were asked along with a few ideas by our participants, who are on their way to becoming health promoters.

Looking Forward to More Business Breakfasts with the 24alife Team

This event was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and experience with each other. We feel like we took another step towards our goal – empower people to become healthier and happier. Wishing to help Slovenian organizations create a successful approach to health promotion programs, we are planning to offer more healthy business breakfasts regularly. This way we will provide know-how and also contribute to new connections between health promoters and HR managers with intent to increase wellbeing among employees.