Let's Make the World a Healthier and Happier Place to Be Together!

May 7th, 2015

On Tuesday, May 5th 2015, we have started a new initiative of healthier and happier individuals creating a healthier and happier world. By spreading the word about healthy lifestyle, 24alife aims to help people understand how to reach their healthy-living goals and support them on their way of achieving those goals.

The task we assigned to ourselves is not simple to accomplish, because each and every individual has a different approach to health and happiness. Thus, we decided to ask you what makes you healthier and happier to find the best answers and share them all over the world.

Being Who Makes You Healthier and Happier?

The initiative was started with a simple question. By asking "Being Who Makes You Healthier and Happier?" we would like you to contribute to our initiative by letting us know:

  • which role that you have to take on in life, or
  • which personal quality

makes you healthier and happier. The term »Being« at the beginning of this personal motivational quote expresses our own ability to make ourselves healthier and happier, and by doing so, contributing to a better world.

At the beginning of our Anti-Stress program testing we asked 24alife team members to choose their own personal characteristics and printed them on T-shirts. This will always remind us of what we like to do that makes us healthier and happier at the same time. We would like to do the same for everyone, but we have to take small steps and are thus starting with a little giveaway already going on at our Facebook page. Five personal characteristics that best fit the sentence "Being ________ makes me Healthier and Happier" will be chosen to be printed on T-shirts and sent to the contributors.

How to Contribute to a Healthier and Happier World

These 5 carefully chosen personal characteristics will have to be written as comments to the posted video. So we would like to invite you to like the 24alife Facebook page and write a comment under the video. At the end of the submissions, 24alife editors will check all comments and choose the top 5 to get printed. Everyone who will contribute the chosen word will get their own personalized T-shirt and be asked to tell us their story about being who makes them healthier and happier. And as we all will be sharing our stories, we are sure that it will inspire many people all over the world to join our initiative – to become Healthier and Happier.

You are very welcome to join us.