Running the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon with Tata Consultancy Services

November 22nd, 2016

Through all the years we are working on active health prevention by trying to help people improve their lifestyle and adopt healthy habits, there have also been opportunities for us to walk our talk. One of them occurred on a beautiful Saturday, 19th of November 2016, when we attended the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon event. But not only that we ran there, a few participants of our team did it together with our colleagues from the Tata Consultancy Services who we met when we started to share the initiative of healthier and happier people in India.

Well, we have to confess that we couldn't attend the whole half marathon, as the Symposium we were organizing there was three days later. But we took a 6 km long Great Delhi Run and we had lots of fun. The whole group wore a brand new HLS New Delhi T-shirts, designed and printed especially for the event.

The Purpose of Our Attendance at the Great Delhi Run

When we've heard that the run was being organized 3 days before the International HLS in New Delhi, there was no doubt we were going to attend it. As we are trying to stay active all the time in order to maintain our health, we assumed that anyone from the team who'd join, should be able to run the 6 kilometers long Great Delhi Run with no fear of being too exhausted to perform on the 22nd of November.

Another amazing fact is that we managed to run together with a group of employees from Tata Consultancy Services. Their youth, positive attitude and encouragement were a great support through the streets of Delhi that we ran together. Let us thank you to everyone who ran with us and add that such events should become regular group activities of the 24alife team. Cannot wait for the next run we'll attend together!