Stress management program for Individuals in Slovenia from Now on with the Preventive Check-Ups

January 4th, 2017

The new year has already brought great news! About a month ago we have started a new approach to our programs for active health prevention. With the Diagnostic Centre Bled, we have created a combined programs including preventive evaluations for individuals. The idea was to combine the top medical experts' practice and the 90-days-long individual tailor-made Stress management program for the participants.

The new, individual Stress Management program that we have designed with the DC Bled combines wholesome preventive health evaluations including a wholesome package of the preventive check-ups (also recommended by the Mayo Clinic 12 habits program) with the top medical professionals, discussions with the kinesiologist, psychologist, and nutritionist, and 90-day program, custom‑made according to participant's needs, preferences, and abilities.

Aim of the Preventive Health Evaluations and 90-day Stress Management Program

Modern workplaces require a lot of devotion and dedication which can on the other hand also bring a lot of stress. The latter is not harmful by itself—it is a normal physiological response to different triggers called stressors. Our health is endangered when stress becomes a chronical state and can affect our psychological or physical wellbeing.

Many modern-world health problems, such as headaches, trembling hands, stomachache, disordered digestion etc. can be caused by the chronical stress. With the proper approach to stress management, many of these stress-related problems disappear, job performance improves and life-quality increases.

Our aim comes in 2 phases and starts with the evaluation of the current health state. With the medical professionals from DC Bled, we would like to help participants by at first evaluating their health through different medical check-ups distributed over the two-day evaluation process. The participant also meets and consults with the kinesiologist, psychologist, and nutritionist in order to have a wholesome insight in their own wellbeing.

Based on the results of the check-ups, interviews, and tests, the 24alife team designs a 90-day program. Within the next 3 months, our mobile app 24alife suggests tasks and provides information about how to create a healthy routine through adopting good habits. Also, the nurses and doctors from the Diagnostic Centre make regular phone calls to help participants and check on their wellbeing. The final result of the program that we all wish to achieve is a successful stress-management skilled participant, living a healthier and happier lifestyle. To check the progress made in 90 days, the follow-up checks and consultations are also available to participants.