24alife Certification for Fitness Trainers and Admins in SAK

September 28th, 2016

With the comprehensive solution, comes the comprehensive training. The 24alife Fitness now offers a multi-level training for different roles in the fitness club. Are you a fitness trainer? – You'll get to know how to create your workouts and assign them to your trainees. Or how to create a live session. How about the info staff in the fitness club? They get familiar with all 24alife Fitness modules to successfully connect a client with his or her trainer.

We believe that accurate training is the key to the maximum use and benefit of the tool. Thus, all the trainings come along with the 24alife Fitness solution. Our first Fitness Certification programs were performed in SAK fitness club in Belgrade.

Themes of 24alife Fitness Certification for Trainers and Admins

Looking up to the best practices, the 24alife professionals for fitness and physical activity composed engaging interactive trainings for power users of the 24alife Fitness. Thefollowing themes are included in certification:

24alife Fitness Certification for Trainers: Live Session

  • connecting wearable device to the 24alife app on the Smartphone and
  • connecting a user to the Live Session.

24alife Fitness Certification for Trainers: Personal Training

  • create a new exercise,
  • workout formation and,
  • assigning a workout to a client by adding it to his or her calendar.

24alife Fitness Certification for Admins: Level 1

  • adding a new member in the system,
  • adding a new trainer in the system,
  • member-trainer connection,
  • how to start Live Session and
  • connecting wearable device to the 24alife app on the Smartphone.

Above listed trainings and certifications were already carried out at the fitness club from Belgrade, where we had implemented the 24alife Fitness through a Pilot project. All participants successfully accomplished the trainings and certificates were designed and given to the trainers, admins, and the fitness club.