24alife Team Is Testing the Anti-Stress Program

April 20th, 2015

Before we launch a product, we want to test it first. And this is how 15 members of the 24alife team have started the 90-day Anti-Stress program lead by 24alife professionals. With this research we would like to prove that stress management at work is important. Decreasing negative effects of occupational stress helps provide a healthy and productive working environment and employees' wellbeing.

First Day of the 90-day Anti-Stress Program

We have started the 24alife Anti-Stress Program on April 1st by taking different tests. First, blood samples of the participants were taken in the morning to check cortisol levels, and different body parameters were measured (blood pressure, body weight, etc.). Right after that we had a meeting to fill in the psychological questionnaires. Last, but not least, were the tests of physical fitness. The Rockport test, Curl up test, and Sit and reach flexibility test were carried out.

How does the 90-day Program Work?

As the results of the research of residents' stress at Mayo Clinic showed, occupational stress can be managed by sufficient physical activity, good night sleep, and balanced nutrition. According to these findings we are now trying to track, measure and improve the participants' healthy lifestyle habits.

After choosing Relaxed and Confident as a goal, every participant was given a personalized 24alife monthly program. With it they follow activities suggested by the program, such as performing psychological and sports exercises, keeping the food diary, and regularly measuring and entering their body measurements. Besides that, participants are monitoring their sleep, counting steps, and other movement. During and at the end of the program, blood samples will be taken again and psychological questionnaires will be filled in to track the improvement and compare results.

Manage Occupational Stress

Providing the program to our team is a great opportunity to check occupational stress of our coworkers and help them reduce and manage it. Another objective is that we all learn even more about how to stay healthy and productive, and at the same time set the example of a healthier and happier life to each individual in every corporation.