Announcement: International HLS Is Going to India this Autumn

October 17th, 2016

Taking the Healthier and Happier initiative to India in 2015 has resulted in new cooperation with the top Indian organizations. While learning about the common preventive health-care approach in India we came to the idea of bringing together knowledge from all over the world in order to discuss the workplace – and general – health and wellbeing of Indian residents. We had decided to organize the International HLS, similar to our previous symposia in Slovenia.

Strong ties we had built through the Anti-Stress Health Packages were a great base to start a new CSR project together. Addressing current issues of public health in accordance with better active prevention and economic performance of the whole country, the 24alife team and many important Indian organizations have conspired to increase the awareness among the general public in India. The title of the event is: "Wellbeing at Workplace – Ideas for India", with subtitle "Healthier and Happier Employees for Successful Business".

Where and When You Can Join the HLS in India

International Healthy Lifestyle Symposium New Delhi 2016 will take place on 22nd of November 2016. We will meet, present, analyze, discuss and produce new ideas in India Habitat Centre New Delhi. As a CSR (corporate social responsibility) project, the HLS will be free of charge for all participants. There will also be two coffee breaks and lunch for all attendees.

Learn more about HLS in India on its web page and follow the official Facebook event page to stay tuned.

You can apply by filling in the application form and sending it to the