Bits from Working Vacation on Island Mljet

August 21st, 2015

Again came that time of the year when 24alife meet with other healthy lifestyle professionals from all over the world to discuss new ideas for 24alife content and development. Together they try to connect all aspects of the 24alife solutions and get the best ideas for further work.

The 24alife team organized some very interesting workshops and brainstorming to get the most out of their working vacation on Mljet, a beautiful island in the southern Croatian sea. We managed to get some very nice pieces of information about what's happening and would like to share them with all of you 24alife users.

Carefully Chosen Workshops

Before we go to Mljet, there's always a lot of preparation and discussion about what kind of workshops to organize. This year we really tried our best to assign at least one workshop to each professional to get a variety of points of view on healthy lifestyle and each individual's well-being. Let us present some of the workshops that are being led by our young professionals Damijana, Eva, Iztok, Karmen, Miloš and Tina.

Damijana is explaining the correct usage of superfoods in smoothies. Eva is leading workshops for users' feedback and the future of 24alife Personal. Iztok is performing some brain-training activities, and Karmen is presenting the testing of Anti-Stress program results together with Miloš. Tina is assisting Paul on preparations for workshops on 24alife Corporate. These are just some of the many workshops that are being performed on Mljet.

Pack the Content to the Code

On Mljet are also our guys from the development department, Marko and Borut, software and IT professionals that are performing some quite demanding workshops to help us pack all this highly professional content into a computer program. With their help we will be able to get a cohesive solution that will serve us all to live a healthier and happier life. We also shouldn't forget to mention designers Luka and Dejan.

Hopefully you will see the first results of their hard work soon and even be able to use them. And let us also stress that there are a lot more participants of these workshops then only the above mentioned ones, you can check out the happening and participants of Mljet 2015 on 24alife Facebook page.