Path towards Healthier and Happier India Continues

January 29th, 2016

This month the 24alife team travelled to India again. The aim of the crew was to perform the second workshop about stress management for previously started programs as well as the start of 2 new programs. They were also working on new business connections and spreading the word of Healthier and Happier world all around.

First two groups were very happy to meet the members of our team again and our team enjoyed the warm welcome as much as the last time. The other part of good news is the start of 24alife Anti-Stress Health Package with groups from companies Tata Motors and Dusit.

The Stress Management Workshop Went Great

Slovenian Embassy in India had a second workshop about stress management, while the NSIC group had the workshop as well as testing after 30 days. Now they were already familiar with the testing process and everything went smoothly. After another 2 test sessions – after 60 days and at the end of the program – they'll be able to transparently see their progress and get additional motivation to continue on their path of healthier, happier and less stressful life. Members of 24alife team who met all these amazing participants for the second time were again impressed by the warm welcome and hospitality.

Next Two Groups Were From Tata Motors and Dusit

We are very lucky to have groups from very diverse working areas. Providing the Anti-Stress health package to the group from one of the biggest companies in the world Tata Motors was a special honor to us. Getting to know them and supplying them with tools and knowledge for healthier and happier workplace was a special experience to all members of the crew.

While Tata Motors is a company with tradition, the Dusit is a lovely hotel startup in New Delhi. The intensity of startup can cause much stress. That's why coping with it can be an even bigger challenge. We will do our best to help members of the Anti-Stress Health Package keep their good health and happiness while achieving their professional goal.