Psychological Workshops and Progress of Anti-Stress Groups in India

April 5th, 2016

Some of our Anti-Stress Professionals went to India again to perform more Anti-Stress activities with our groups there. Besides the tests that already showed individual and group progress, Eva held a psychological workshop.

During the workshop the participants learned how to cope with stress and how time management can help them with that. The workshop was fun; the participants laughed a lot and as we know that laughter relieves stress, too, we could say that the workshop has already had a good effect.

Updates from the Anti-Stress Groups

Tests performed during the Anti-Stress Health Package are a good motivation for further work. Seeing their own progress one can do major changes in their lifestyle as we have also seen among our Anti-Stress groups in India. Some participants told us that they already feel better, taking walks at mornings, they like the relaxation exercises and perform them regularly, some of them lost weight and they started to prepare healthy breakfasts, avoid sugar and oil.

1st Part of Workshop: Cope with Stress

Fun and interactive workshop explains facts and myths about stress through a quiz where participants guess whether certain statement is true or false. Then the workshop continued with techniques and methods for successful coping with stress. One type of the most effective approaches is relaxation methods as suggested exercise included in the program of Anti-Stress Health Package. We performed one of the most common exercises with our groups that the participants will be able to use by themselves anytime and anywhere they'd like. Another important factor for overcoming stress loads that we talked about later was time management.

2nd Part of Workshop: Time Management

One of the most common reasons for the Time Management workshop was the excuses about lacking time that we've got from some of the Anti-Stress groups members. Thus we decided to talk about time management to control stress and find some more time for the Anti-Stress activities, recommended by the 90-day program, such as activities we like, sports activities, preparing healthy meals, getting enough quality sleep ... all the important activities that we usually sacrifice to save some time.

Besides the Psychological workshop performed at the NSIC, Dusit, and Apollo Hospitals we have successfully finished the Anti-Stress Health Package with the NSIC group and performed a sports workshop with Tata Motors.