What Is a Health Package and How Does It Work?

October 9th, 2015

Health Package is the greatest gift that an employer can bring to his or hers employees. It contains all of the support that someone needs to fulfill their wishes for a healthier and happier life at work and in private time.

So far it comes in the shape of a so called Anti-Stress program and is provided to users via 24alife Corporate tool for OHP (Occupational Health Program) and organization of other activities in the company, such as meetings, events, tasks etc.

Health Package Activation for Successful Business

When a company decides to use Anti-Stress Health Package for Health Promotion Program among Employees, the HR Manager (or other OHP provider) gets access to virtual dashboard of a trial version of 24alife Corporate tool. As soon as the OHP provider logs in to the 24alife Corporate dashboard, he or she can assign activities of Health Package to a group of employees, who start performing small steps towards a less stressful and healthier life. The consequences of healthier and happier employees are at the same time lower absenteeism ratio in the company and higher productivity. Remember, a healthy and happy employee is the foundation of a successful business.

7 Simple Steps to Include the Health Package into the OHP

Here are 7 simple steps for the OHP Provider in any company to follow to include the Anti-Stress Health Package to the Occupational Health Program and start using a free trial version of 24alife Corporate tool.

Step 1: Order
Pick Health Package for your employees and send us an order. So far we can offer Anti-Stress, but some other variations of Health Packages will be available soon.

Step 2: Installation
24alife programmers prepare dashboard access. HR manager is then dedicated an account they can use to temporarily access 24alife Corporate tool.

Step 3: Sign in
Sign in with the assigned 24alife account.

Step 4: Plan
Create an occupational health promotion plan by adding activities and creating events for groups of employees. You can also add an Anti-Stress Health Package here.

Step 5: Invite
Invite employees to join activities or events.

Step 6: Evaluate
Check the lifestyle progress of the groups, participation on events and activities, get employees' feedback and evaluate success of the Health Package.

Step 7: Become 24alife Corporate Ambassador
By learning and using 24alife get a healthier and happier workplace and become a 24alife Corporate Ambassador.