How to Be Happy at Work – 5 Simple Rules

Happiness is a goal every one of us would like to reach. As simple as it seems to be happy in our private life, we easily get overwhelmed by the stressful tasks at work.

How to keep a positive attitude and lust for life despite the issues waiting for us at work?

Because we are not supposed to hate what we do for a living. It benefits us, our colleagues, and the organization when we enjoy our occupancy and are happy at doing our job.

There are many ways of improving your mood at work, and this piece of advice offers 5 very easy and useful tips that you can start practicing right now.


1. Healthy Morning Routine

Health and happiness go hand in hand. When we start the day with a healthy routine, we get momentum for the whole day. Have you ever tried running in the morning? Also, a nutritious meal and a sufficient amount of water can help a lot.

Because getting up late shouldn’t be an obstacle, we suggest a quick fix that can be your start to your healthy morning routine:

  • Drink at least 2 glasses of water – one when you wake up and another before you leave home.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or do 10 jumping jacks or yoga pose you like to activate your body with some physical activity.
  • No time for breakfast? Don’t look for excuses, just grab a banana and eat it on your way! Energy is crucial for a good start of the day.


2. Communication and Relationships

Working in a team usually requires good relationships and communication in order to provide top results. But how about other relationships at work? Do they affect our happiness? According to the fact that people are social beings, we could say that having good relationships at work raises our psycho-social workplace well-being.

Even if your coworkers do not seem to be friendly people and you find it difficult to be around them, there are some tactics to build better relationships. Let us suggest the following:

  • Always speak with an honest smile on your face. Don’t fake – they will notice.
  • Instead of complaining try to make a joke and have a good laugh together with colleagues.
  • Bring some muffins to the office. Everyone loves people who bring treats.


3. Keep Developing Your Knowledge

Do you feel stuck at this point in life? Like you have achieved what was meant to achieve and no further challenges are out there worth conquering? Stop right there. Even if your employer does not offer you any professional development, try to find appropriate and interesting themes that you would like to learn and use while doing your work. List the benefits of these skills and send a proposal. You might get a positive answer. Or if you don’t, just do it on your own.

Here are some ideas:

  • Learn a new language.
  • Go to a seminar with a theme connected to your job assignments.
  • Subscribe to a free online course.


4. Approach Issues with Positive Attitude

Work is supposed to bring us challenges and problems to overcome. The happier we are at work, the more easily we will solve them, and as well, the more we solve, the happier we will be. But the real question here is how can we get in this winning loop? It’s obvious that it starts with us. We have to approach our issues positively and try to get the best out of every situation.

Maybe these tips will help:

  • Always do everything that is in your power and don’t blame yourself for things you are not responsible for.
  • Brainstorm with the team to get more ideas and combine them to solve the problem.
  • Keep your focus on the solution, not the problem itself.


5. Breathe. Stretch. Relax.

Micro breaks are important for our well-being, especially when we lead a sedentary lifestyle. By taking active breaks we relax tension out of our muscles and if we manage to calm our thoughts too, it will help us relax psychologically.

To have an effective micro-break, try to follow these rules:

  • Set a reminder to stand up and stretch for every hour of your work.
  • Take a few deep breaths when you are feeling stressed.
  • Plan a regular 5-minute office workout with your colleagues.

Little changes in our daily routine can significantly increase our happiness and well-being at work. Subsequently, our professional well-being will also positively affect our private life, relationships, and health. So, why not start today?