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14th and 15th of May 2018

7th International Healthy Lifestyle Symposium

Rubik Cube of Workplace Health Promotion.

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Located at the Medical Chamber of Slovenia in Ljubljana.

Domestic and foreign key speakers are going to present their latest innovative approaches for workplace health promotion suitable for bigger, middle and smaller size organizations.

Once again, we are going to host TOP International experts.

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Key Speakers for this year are the following:

Donald Hensrud
MD M.P.H., Mayo Clinic, USA

Donald Hensrud, M.D., M.P.H., is director of Mayo Clinic Office of Wellness and chair of the Division of Preventive, Occupational, and Aerospace Medicine.

He is also a consultant in the Division of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnestoa. He serves as associate professor of preventive medicine and nutrition at the College of Medicine, Mayo Clinic. A specialist in nutrition and weight management, Dr. Hensrud advises individuals on how to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. He conducts research in weight management, and he writes and lectures widely on nutrition-related topics. He helped publish two award-winning Mayo Clinic cookbooks; Mayo Clinic Diet

Michael Roizen
MD Cleveland Clinic, USA

Michael Roizen is an American anesthesiologist and internist, an award-winning author and the chief wellness officer at the Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Roizen became famous for developing the RealAge concept and has authored or coauthored five number one New York Times best sellers. Roizen completed a tour of duty in the Public Health Service and has 165 peer reviewed publications and 100 medical chapters, 14 US patents, started six companies, served on Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advisory committees for 16 years, and chaired an FDA advisory committee. He appeares on various television shows and featured in various magazines and biography.

Prof. Kerry Olsen
MD, Mayo Clinic, USA

Kerry D. Olsen MD is currently a Head and Neck surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota and an Emeritus member of the Mayo Clinic Board of Trustees and Board of Governors and also Chairman of the Division of Head and Neck Surgery.

He served as Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. He is former President of the staff of the Mayo Clinic and recipient of the Distinguished Clinician award and member of the Teaching Hall of Fame. His surgical innovations, research, and publications led to his selection as the Joseph I. and Barbara J. Ashkins Professorship of surgery at the Mayo Clinic. He was chosen as a top american doctor for serval years.

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on our journey towards healthier and happier tomorrow at workplace. International HLS is the greatest and brings together the best experts from all over the world, sharing their latest experience and knowledge about healthy lifestyle. HLS is powered by 24alife, world leading health and well-being providers for preventive health, developed in collaboration with Mayo Clinic. We are going to talk about the latest trends how to keep a balanced health on emotional, physical and psychosocial level. We are going to focus on the importance of the corporate health & well-being in terms of increased productivity and how to keep your employees happy and healthy. We are also going to show you how to tailor a good workplace health promotion based on your needs. Symposium is free of charge. Number of seats is limited; therefore, prior registration is required. For further details about collecting point for presence are going to be mentioned within the next few months.

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