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In this session, we hosted Dr. Donald Hensrud, one of America’s most respected doctors and leading author of the bestselling book The Mayo Clinic Diet. Together we discussed the global problem of obesity and how to take appropriate measures to combat it at an organizational and individual level. Dr. Donald Hensrud shared his advice, tips and tactics on how and where to begin integrating weight management programs into your organization, and his insights for individuals on how to develop new healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

A unique part of this webinar was that after registering for the webinar, we provided our participants with an exclusive access code for the trial version of the Mayo Clinic’s Diet program.

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Key themes:

  • Global crisis on obesity and overweight. It is time for action
  • Ensuring the health of workers during the Corona period
  • Formation and maintenance of healthy eating habits during the lockdown
  • How to give employees reliable guidelines for handling weight

  • The Mayo Clinic Diet – a weight loss program for life
  • Ideas on how weight control measures can be integrated into a company’s wellness programs
  • Examples of good practice

Key speakers:

Dr. Donald Hensrud

Dr. Donald Hensrud

Donald Hensrud is a physician and specialist for Preventive Medicine and Nutrition. He is the Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Healthy Living Program. As a nutrition and weight management expert, he advises individuals, on how to achieve and maintain healthy body weight. He also conducts research in the field of obesity and body weight, gives lectures on the subject of nutrition, and is also the author of a world bestseller book titled The Mayo Clinic Diet.

Eva Kovac

Eva Kovač

A performance psychologist who works in the field of talent management and organizational psychology. She serves as Vice President of 24alife and leads global teams of experts and program implementations.

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