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In this session, we dealt with mental health and ways of coping with it in the period of COVID-19. Our speakers agreed that it is important to deal with mental health issues especially in times of crisis. This webinar is a unique opportunity to gain insights from organizations, insurance companies, and third-party, who are sharing their experiences with digital approaches and programs that have proven effective in all workplaces. At the same time, our experts offered steps to develop a digital wellness strategy on how to manage mental health within the organization. As a starting point, we examined the benefits of the Resilient Option program.

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Key themes:

  • Mental health and coping during COVID-19
  • Resilient Option program and it’s Benefits for Employee Well-Being
  • What happens if we do not address mental health issues

  • Why is digital wellness strategy a competitive advantage in the current and post-COVID-19 era?
  • Insights from the field of organizations, insurances, and third-party administrators

Key speakers:

Andrej Pantar

Head of sales, 24alife

Greg Voisen

Expert for planning employee benefit, Founder of Eluminate

Rick Giglia

Previous Executive at HP

Gus Alvarez

CEO & Owner Team Alvarez & InTouch Marketing

Theresa Henry-Alvarez

President Of Quality Health partners

Adriana Bevacqua

Head of Sales & Customer Support Team Alvarez

Eva Kovač

Organizational psychologist, 24alife

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