Did we learn a lesson?


Together with Dr. Kerry Olsen, we explored the importance and motivations for implementing welfare programs dedicated to healthy lifestyles in organizations. Dr. Kerry Olsen, one of the best doctors in America and the creator of the 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People program, offered us his insights on how to develop and integrate healthy habits into everyday life and where to start as an organization. His experiences from his practice and life served as inspiration for the 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People program. As one of the leading experts in the field of preventive health. Dr. Kerry Olsen also served as the Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center. In this session, we continued where we had left off in the first session. Together with our experts, we worked out even more about why the COVID -19 situation offers a unique opportunity to take care of your employees. 

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Key themes:

  • Taking care for employees’ health in after Corona times
  • The motivation for organizations to implement well-being programs into the organization
  • Dr. Olsen advice on how to adopt healthy habits

  • Behavioral change happens when the reason is big enough – is COVID-19 big enough of a reason for insurances to promote healthy living?
  • How and where to start? Implementation of 12 Habits of Highly Healthy People to create a healthy organizational culture

Key speakers:

Dr. Kerry Olsen

former Medical Director of the Mayo Clinic Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center

Theresa Henry-Alvarez

President Of Quality Health partners

Rick Giglia

Previous Executive at HP

Greg Voisen

Expert for planning employee benefit, Founder of Eluminate

Adriana Bevacqua

Head of Sales & Customer Support Team Alvarez

Eva Kovač

Organizational psychologist, 24alife

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