With COVID-19 pandemic anxiety and stress due to these unforeseen changes have become a normal part of our daily work routine. Our work-life balance has become disturbed and the consequences of this can be felt on our health, well-being, and productivity. In this employee workshop, Eva Kovač, organizational and performance psychologist, will take you through all the necessary steps to build your resilience and improve your well-being so that you will be able to lower your stress and increase your productivity.

Key themes:

  • What is resilience and the role it plays when adapting to unforeseen changes
  • How to increase your resilience
  • Understanding stress and how to improve your work-life balance

  • Steps to better manage stress
  • How to become more productive
  • How to adjust to the new reality

Workshop facilitator:

Eva Kovač

Organizational and performance psychologist and CBT psychotherapist

Eva Kovač is a performance psychologist working in the field of talent management, organizational psychology, and performance psychology. She is educated as a cognitive-behavioral psychotherapist, a medical hypnotherapist. Eva has rich global experiences working with international organizations on employee well-being programs and professional athletes, teams, managers, and talents. Eva is also a guest speaker at many international conferences on psychology-related topics.

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